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Refrigeration Gasket & Hardware Services

OEM parts for dozens of manufacturers, including:

In any commercial kitchen, refrigeration is an essential part of your business. Whether your facility uses walk-in, reach-in, under-counter, or specialty units, your product must remain at temperature and in spec to ensure energy efficiency and compliance with local regulations. Inspection, maintenance, and replacement of parts such as gaskets, door sweeps, door closers, hinges, and strip curtains are critical to providing food safety and customer satisfaction.


With expertise in both gaskets and hardware and backed by the purchasing power of a national co-op, ProServices Group provides cost-effective, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for most major commercial brands, along with the skilled knowledge to solve customer problems quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Our preventative maintenance programs make your life easier by ensuring that your equipment is periodically checked and in compliance.

Gasket & Hardware

Refrigeration gaskets require periodic replacement, but accompanying hardware issues may sometimes go overlooked as well. A gasket issue can be misdiagnosed and the root cause not addressed. Our service technicians can solve these problems, ensuring customer satisfaction and providing a cost-effective, one-stop solution for gasket and hardware issues.


Commercial cutting boards are one of the leading causes of cross-contamination and health code violations, and require periodic replacement to maintain a safe and compliant food preparation environment. We supply and professionally install OEM-quality and custom commercial cutting boards that carry both FDA and NSF certifications.

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